Soulja Boy非常狂妄..他说将K.O. Chris Brown, 不过有前提

林氏兄弟 LINS BROS 2017-01-14 22:02

(网站微信号:LINSBROS) 拳王Mike Tyson说Chris Brown不会在第一轮被Soulja K.O.。SB回应泰森说,Chris将会被K.O.'...


拳王Mike Tyson说Chris Brown不会在第一轮被Soulja K.O.。SB回应泰森说,Chris将会被K.O.,如果他事先可以戒掉大麻的话。



Soulja Boy is no Glass Joe -- Chris Brown won't be knocking his ass out in the 1st round ... so says Brown's coach Mike Tyson.


Soulja Boy needs to clear the air about boxing Chris Brown -- telling us exactly why he's fighting, how the match will end ... and about his struggle to put down weed beforehand.

Soulja sounded focused and pumped about training when we got him Friday at LAX. He says there will definitely be a knockout ... no matter what Mike Tyson says.