Get Familiar // 认识 2016 年 YETI 最后一位特邀重量级音乐人 Tek.Lun

YETI 2016-12-02 20:03

★ Tek.Lun 本名 Rashad Williams,将会成为 2016 年 YETI 最后一位特邀音乐人,于上海打造顶级派对。作为旗下拥有 Ta-Ku、K'...

Tek.Lun 本名 Rashad Williams,将会成为 2016 年 YETI 最后一位特邀音乐人,于上海打造顶级派对。作为旗下拥有 Ta-Ku、Kaytranada、Stwo 等人气音乐人的洛杉矶音乐厂牌 HW&W 的一份子,Tek.Lun 通过令人叫绝的音乐制作和对 R&B Sample 的玩转,在业界积攒了极高声誉。

Art Rashad Williams, aka Tek.Lun is rolling into Shanghai wrapping up 2016 for the Yeti gang. A part of the leading Los Angeles label HW&W Recordings with Ta-Ku, Kaytranada, Stwo and much more... Tek.Lun is notorious for his seemingly never-ending catalog of head nodding productions and sensual r&b samples.

Tek.Lun - Ridin' Round EP

Tek.Lun - Ridin' Round 2 EP

Tek.Lun - The Green Box EP

Tek.Lun - Run MV

除了制作人的身份之外,Tek.Lun 还是音乐团体 NASA8 的一员,不时会大展说唱技艺。极具意境感的乐声与 Hip-Hop 完美融合,让人大饱耳福。在与 Soulection、Stones Throw 等旗下音乐人合作之后,Tek.Lun 近日发布了全新 Mix。让我们在 12 月 15 日魔都演出之前,先听为快 Tek.Lun 的人气之作吧!

When he's not busy as a producer, Tek.Lun can be found in the collective Nasa8 as well as spittin' some verse as his alter ego, Varth Dader. His seamless blend of hip hop with smooth atmospheric sounds continues to grow and surely is not to be missed. Having played across continents with artists from Soulection to Stones Throw, Tek Lun just dropped a mix with unreleased beats, give yourself a listen and get familiar before December 15th.